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Tavyside Health Centre has a long tradition of providing high quality and comprehensive primary healthcare services for its patients. The practice can trace its origins back at least as far as Dr Lewis Lindsay, who established a surgery in 1930 on Plymouth Road. Stannary and Wharfside Surgeries (direct descendants of Dr Lindsay's surgery) merged to form Tavyside Health Centre in 2010, and moved into brand new premises on the site of the former Stannary Surgery in 2011.
The practice is keen to maintain these long established traditional values of a family doctor service. The demands on the NHS increase every year, both from increasing expectations brought on by medical advances and by the political responses to meet these expectations. The service has to adjust to meet these constantly shifting goalposts, and as a practice contracted by the NHS we expect (and you expect us) to meet the demands, without losing sight of the need to be caring and attentive to the individual.
At Tavyside we work as a team of health professionals, and the days of primary healthcare being delivered by the doctor alone are in the past. Indeed, sometimes your care will be delivered exclusively by our pharmacist or by a nurse, but the service will always be led by the practice doctors. Prevention is an essential component of primary care - by advising on lifestyle and by targeting patients with specific needs, we hope to promote better health in the future for our patients.
Through education, training and regular appraisal of all staff we aim to ensure a continuing high standard of medical care is delivered. However, if the problem demands more complex investigation or treatment than we can offer at Tavyside, we shall refer you to a specialist service for an opinion and treatment whenever it is appropriate to do so. 

Please click here to view our Practice Charter. 

GP Training

The Practice has four General Practitioner Trainers, Dr Vicky Evans, Dr Sarah Robbins, Dr Harriet Doyle and Dr Catherine Dunlop, working with qualified doctors as part of their ongoing training to become General Practitioners. These doctors are known as General Practitioner Registrars and are making the transition from hospital to general practice. They normally spend up to twelve months with us and during this period they are ‘supervised’ by their experienced General Practitioner Trainer.

In recent years we have forged a close relationship with the Royal Navy and have invited RN doctors to train within the Practice, under the tutelage of Tavyside Practitioners Trainers, thereby providing the opportunity to qualify as a General Practitioner.

Medical Students

The Practice is also involved in the training of medical students who may on occasion be present, with your permission, during consultations.  On occasion a Medical Student will see patients alone and then be joined by a GP to discuss their consultantion and proposed plan.  

Again please don’t feel awkward about this; it is perfectly in order to insist on a confidential consultation with your doctor.

Recording of Consultations

As part of the examination process, General Practitioner Registrars are required to provide video evidence of their detailed medical knowledge and consultation techniques. To do this they must submit video taped examples to an examiner for assessment. Once they have been assessed these tapes are erased or destroyed.

You will be asked at reception beforehand to sign a document to confirm you are agreeable to being videoed whilst you are consulting the doctor. The video will simply be running in the background while you talk to the doctor and it will be switched off if you are to be examined. Most patients tell us that after the first few minutes they tend to forget it’s running!

After the appointment, you have the opportunity to either restate you are still happy, or to say that you have changed your mind and wish it to be immediately erased.

We shall always be happy to do this, especially if you feel that what was talked about was personal to you and the doctor. Never feel awkward about saying that you have changed your mind.

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