NHS Referrals

If your GP has discussed the possibility of referring you to an NHS Consultant at the Hospital, this will be sent via E-referral to Devon Referral Support Services (DRSS). We do not send referrals to the hospital directly.

The Team at DRSS then action this accordingly.

If you wish to see a particular clinician, you can of course request this. Please make the GP aware of this at your consultation.

Please be aware that if you do this, you may be increasing your wait time.

Private Referrals

If you have chosen to have a private referral and have private insurance, we encourage you to speak to your insurers prior to booking any appointments to ensure you are covered. Once you have had this conversation with them, we ask that you update the secretaries with the name of the clinician you would like to see and where they are based.

If you are self-funding, you must make your own enquiries as to who is the most appropriate Consultant for your medical issue and then inform the secretaries.

Please note, as an NHS service we cannot make any recommendations for any private providers.


Secretaries direct line – 01822 616199

Email us by clicking here

Booking an appointment using NHS e-Referral service

If you’ve been referred to a specialist through the NHS e-Referral Service, booking your appointment online is easy, safe and secure.

You’ll need your:

  • booking reference number
  • password or access code

If you do not have these details, contact the person or organisation that referred you.

You can also use this option to:

  • Check you appointment details
  • Change your appointment
  • Cancel your appointment
  • Cancel your referral