Please remember to allow at least three working days from the time of ordering your prescription to collecting it. 

Tavyside Health Centre does not accept prescription requests over the telephone, further information on order your prescriptions can be found below.

If you collect your medication from Lifton Dispensary, you can telephone them on 01566 784428.

Ordering a Prescription

Every prescription that is ordered must be checked and signed by a Doctor. 

Patients who are on long-term medication, may order a repeat prescription without making an appointment to see their doctor each time. However, we will still want to see you on a regular basis for reviews. We have a dedicated prescription clerk team who deal with compliance and ensuring patients are attending for their reviews.

The best way to order your prescription is to do so via GP Online Services, either by using the NHS App or another third-party application. If you do not have access to a mobile, tablet or computer, you can order your prescription by telephoning your pharmacy (some pharmacies do not accept calls), by attending the surgery or pharmacy or by filling out your repeat slip and handing it in at the Practice. 

Prescription Clerks

Our prescription clerk team is led by Emma Steer, Operations Lead, who has years of experience and ensures patients have good medication compliance. Emma’s team consist of Esther and Emma. 

Their role is to support you and the doctors with Medicines Optimisation, a person-focused, holistic approach to getting to the best from NHS investment in the use of medicines. They aim to help people achieve improved outcomes, this can involve guidance about how to take appropriate medicines, how to reduce wastage and how to improve medicines safely. Gaynor and Emma support the running of the repeat prescription process and work collaboratively with our local pharmacies. Gaynor or Emma will be more than happy to speak with you should you have any enquiries. 

You will often find that the team will be the ones who invite you for annual reviews and advise you when you need more blood tests or blood pressure reviews.